Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Parts Bike" Revisited

If you've been reading the blog for a while you might remember that I bought a mate to my first GS1000 (check out the post here). After getting it home, getting it running and scrounging up all of its missing parts, I realized that I didn't have the time, energy or money for another bike project. So I passed it on to my friend Dan in Redondo Beach.

Dan got hard to work and built a neat mild custom out of it over the past few months. He used some really cool parts, like a Yoshimura exhaust and some mini turn signals that I gave him. The finished bike is way tougher looking than the bruiser. I like the black case covers, myself. They contrast well with the stock paintjob.

It definitely makes me miss The Bruiser - I found myself cruising Craigslist for another one just today.


ewendkos said...

Hey - looks like I'm in the beginning stages of my first build.

Found you through a web search looking to refinish engine cases.

I'm doing a partial rebuild/partial chop/bob project.

As I said, it's my first one, so of course I'm scouring the net looking for tips and watching what other folks have done.

Check my blog out when you get a chance! http://ewendkos.blogspot.com

atwaterrobert said...

Cool man, thanks for the comment. These are really cool bikes - I'm already looking for another one.

chris said...

Man I am hoping you can help...I'm building a 1980 gs1000 gl(shaft drive), not by choice, and i'm trying to instal the cylinders and i can't get it past the rear cam chain tensioner...any sugestions? The tensionser seems too wide to fit in the cam chain tunnell. I don't know maybe i'm just an idiot...let me know either way..Chris...thanks.

phaseman said...

You have inspired me!

I have been off bikes for 25 years and just found a pretty clean GS100E with 20,000 mi on it! $300.00 WOW Kind of a good luck barn (read carport) find. You've inspired me to start a blog and hopefully pick your brain for tips.